The Lost Songs of the West Country: Oggie and the Farmhands (with the Severn Beach Buoys)

Heavily influenced by the Wurzels, Oggie and his backing choir and band, have been recording songs that they imagine might have been written by Adge if he had not died so sadly in 1974. Though almost certainly unable to reach the standards of the early Wurzels they have tried to continue the tradition of local Somerset and West Country composition. Many of the favourite place names are there and the local characters are depicted in all their peculiar glory.

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Allotment Queen

Enjoy the Lost Songs of the West Country and reflect on the idyllic life led by some in this particularly favoured part of the World.

Track Listing
1 West Country lover
2 Allotment Queen
3 Spaghetti Weston-Super Mare
4 Limericks 1
5 Drink up, drink up
6 Nempnett Thrubwell
7 Limericks 2
8 Three honest plumbers
9 Frolics in the sun2
10 Seventeen and pretty
11 West Country Surfing
12 Road rage
13 Pass the glass
14 Car, car, car
15 Heartbeats missing
16 Limericks 3

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